TTC Online

TTC Online is a web-based on boarding and timecard system specifically designed for TV commercial and short-form content production. The paperless time card feature allows crew, print models and non-union talent to enter their time and reimbursable expenses via their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Central to this platform is a fully compliant on boarding component that allows producers to email packets of on boarding documents that include W-4s, I-9s, WTPA forms and customized documents such as NDA forms for crew, non-union talent and/or models to fill out and submit for verification from any device with an internet browser.

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Key features of TTC Online include:

  • Fully compliant on boarding system.
  • Hours-to-Gross calculations following crew union commercial agreements and State & Federal wage and hour regulations.
  • Crew list generation and automatic notifications.
  • Flexible and paperless on boarding and timecard approval structure.
  • Direct submission of payroll to The TEAM Companies.
  • Compliant digital signatures.

A detailed audit trail is kept for every on boarding document and timecard. Production companies and employees retain permanent access to their own digital copies.

Future enhancements will include a portal for managing the on boarding and payment of union talent, including SAG-AFTRA contract generation.

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