TTC in Canada

Our Services

The TEAM Companies in Canada provide:

Talent Payroll

  • Payment of sessions and residuals on behalf of clients, for both union and non-union productions, including union deductions and contributions
  • Talent advice on union rules and rates
  • Talent cost estimating based on client provided details
  • Client access to Web based on-demand budgeting and estimating, contract submission and cycle reporting
  • Upon request, issuing union required editing and reinstatement letters
  • Monthly dormancy and cycle expiry reporting
  • Year-end government tax reporting

Business Affairs

  • Talent Business Affairs
    • Script Review
    • Expert Interpretation of, ACTRA, UDA, SAG-AFTRA & CFM/AFM agreements
    • Session & Residuals Estimating
    • ACTRA & UDA Work Permit Assistance
    • Rough Cut Review
    • Contract Preparation
    • Union Audit Support and Claim Consultation
  • Network Clearance
  • Traffic & Distribution
  • Facilitate Signatory for ACTRA, UDA, SAG-AFTRA and CFM/AFM
  • Music Licensing
  • Rights Licensing and Permissions
  • Rights Management Tools (TOCS)

For further information on The TEAM Companies in Canada and our comprehensive North American solution contact:

It’s What You Know

Working in the foreign jurisdiction and being unfamiliar with industry practices can be very intimidating, trying to quickly ramp up on matters such as:

  • Insurance requirements
  • Tax laws
  • Customs and Work Visas
  • Labor Agreements and Jurisdictions
  • Cultural Norms

We provide Canadian insight and advise U.S. / Foreign production companies, advertisers and advertising agencies shooting in Canada on all talent related matters specific to the Canadian talent environment.