TTC COVID-19 Updates & Resources

To all our clients and partners,

We are here to assist our clients during this complicated time and hope everyone is staying safe!

The TEAM Companies, LLC (TTC) is fully operational and providing all our services as usual. While ensuring there is no disruption to business, we are protecting our workforce by implementing our remote working plan and using limited personnel in all office locations. In cases where cities or states that we operate in require following a shelter-in-place plan, we remain fully functional. Please note that you can continue to reach your TTC rep during standard business hours using their TTC email address and phone number.

We know many employees have questions about their taxes, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. Federal and state governments are hard at work updating their policies. TTC is tracking all regulatory changes and will be ready to implement updates as required.

Please see below for additional helpful information and resources. Feel free to email our Client Services team at if you have any questions. Our workers’ compensation department can be reached at

We will continue updating this post as additional resources become available.


During this time, it is more beneficial than ever for clients to use TTC’s technology solutions to streamline processes and reduce reliance on paper. TTC Online is a web-based onboarding and time card system designed specifically for commercial production.

For advertising clients, TEAM Online Client System (TOCS) helps manage business affairs functions like estimates, talent payments and rights management. For tours clients, TOCS streamlines the payment process for crew, musicians and singers on tour.

Employees who want instant access to paystubs or W-2s should register for an account in our Employee Self Service (ESS) portal at





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