The transformation of TOCS is a prime example of the evolution of The TEAM Companies’ technology capabilities. As we move from a suite of individual tools to the single multi-functional platform TTC Online, our focus is to design an agile system to support the many types of clients that work across the advertising and entertainment industries. TTC Online is designed to increase usability and efficiency. With direct client feedback at the foundation, users can expect a streamlined interface tailored to their priorities.

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TOCS & Advertising

TOCS is an online workflow solution for managing the details of engaging performers and using talent & licensed elements in advertising projects. Through this platform, TTC clients can access historical employment information of actors, print models, musicians and other talent, as well as estimate and track the usage of talent & licensed elements appearing in their commercial. Accessible anytime from anywhere with internet access, this multi-functional system helps TTC clients manage many aspects of talent business affairs and production business management including:

  • Estimating: Forecast talent residuals expenditures based on a multitude of variables.
  • Talent Advice: Generate paperless residual payment authorizations by project or payment type.
  • Commercial Planning Calendar: View current talent payment cycles and other element rights expiration dates in a Media Calendar Schedule format.
  • Rights Management: Track all licensed elements in a project, enter essential metadata information related to conditions of use of that element, upload reference versions of the asset & copies of key documents and generate custom reports.
  • Completion Reports: Create and submit final cast information to The TEAM Companies talent payroll department, create talent reclassification notices and attach reference documents pertaining to the production of the project.
  • Production Reports: Submit information for your various projects directly to your TTC rep, speeding up processing times and minimizing errors.
  • Historical: Contains up-to-date information on talent paid through The TEAM Companies. Look up costs by project or specific cast member or track employee guarantees and review employee data and information on specific projects.

TOCS & Tours

The TEAM Companies created a Client Service Center for our Tours clients to help automate and streamline the management of paying crew, musicians and singers working on a concert tour.

Through this portal, clients of our Tours Payroll Department receive:

  • 24-hour access to onboarding forms: Fillable employment forms such as W-4s, W-9s, WTPAs, Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer forms are available in one location.
  • Invoice reprints: Invoices are available to view or reprint on demand.
  • Reports: Commonly requested reports are available. All reports are available in two formats: PDF or tab-delimited spreadsheet.
  • Payroll register: Enter data to create a report based on invoice number, date range or employee.
  • Invoice breakdown: Create a summary of invoice cost expenditures. Expenditures include all wages and payroll taxes in a summary format.
  • Wage breakdown: Employees and their gross wages are listed by the state where the income was incurred.
  • Census Report: Employees’ personal information including date of birth. Paystub information is available through a Direct Deposit search link.

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