TTC-Online is a web-based On-boarding and Timecard system specifically designed for TV commercial and short-form content production. The paperless timecard feature allows crew members to enter their time and reimbursable expenses via their tablets, smartphones or computers.

Central to this web-based system is a fully compliant on-boarding component that allows producers to distribute, via e-mail, packets of onboarding documents that include W-4s, I-9s, WTPA forms, and customized documents such as NDA forms for the crew members to fill out and submit for verification from any device with an internet browser.

Key features of TTC Online include:

  • Fully compliant on-boarding system
  • Hours-to-Gross calculations following crew union commercial agreements and State and Federal wage and hour regulations
  • Crew list generation and automatic notifications
  • Flexible and paperless onboarding and timecard approval structure
  • Direct submission of payroll to The TEAM Companies
  • Compliant digital signatures

A detailed audit trail is kept for every onboarding document and timecard and production companies and employees retain permanent access to their own digital copies.

Future enhancements will include a portal for managing the onboarding and payment for union and non-union talent, including SAG-AFTRA contract generation.

TTC Online was developed by The TEAM Companies using technology that has revolutionized online production management for thousands of feature film and television projects.

 TTC Online Demo

For a demonstration of TTC Online, contact

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