TEAM Electronic Rights Management

TERM is a rights management tool designed to help clients of our Business Affairs division better manage the details, in particular the permissioned and licensed aspects, of each component of a project that they are creating.

Whether it is the contracts, releases and terms of use for talent featured in an ad campaign or the licenses and other use agreements for music, images, specialty props, artwork and other elements featured in that same campaign, TERM acts as a central management and tracking system for the project.

TERM’s dashboard allows you to track all components of a project from a central menu so the status of the asset is right at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • All data & documents for the project are housed in one location.
  • TERM is web based, allowing you to access components of your project from anywhere anytime.
  • Reference versions of your finished asset (commercial, print ad, web content) is easily uploaded into TERM.
  • Automatic tracking of use expirations with e-mail notifications for any element that is expiring.
  • Expiration notifications tell you what element is expiring, when it is expiring and whether renewal is an option.
  • If any element expires, the system will automatically change the status of the entire asset.

To log in to the TERM site, click here.


For a further information or a demonstration of TERM, contact The TEAM Companies at