Tools for streamlining the advertising and live event lifecycles

Whether you are producing a TV commercial, developing content for social media or about to launch a global concert tour, we continually update TTC technology platforms and develop new ones to give our clients and staff tools to maximize their efficiency.

Explore our technology offerings and discover how they can help.

Talent & Rights Management

An online platform for managing talent and licensed elements, this tool has been upgraded and expanded to not only amplify the benefits to the advertising business affairs clients for which it was originally designed, but also to make it useful for other clients, such as business managers of music artists on concert tours. For advertising projects, this system provides functions like session & residual estimating, completion reports and residual payment authorizations, whereas clients mounting concert tours can streamline payments for crew, musicians and singers. As it becomes part of our unified TTC Online platform, the Talent & Rights Management user experience continues to be enhanced.

TTC Online

TTC Online is a web-based onboarding and timecard system specifically designed for commercial and short-form content production. It not only streamlines administrative tasks like onboarding paperwork, but also makes it easy for crew, print models and non-union talent to fill out timecards and record expenses right from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. 2021 will see a fully re-imagined TTC Online experience encompassing the full suite of technology solutions offered by The TEAM Companies.

Clearance & AI

The development of internal tools allows our experts to track down answers to client questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. For instance, TTC Clear is a modern solution for managing the clearance of commercials, designed by our industry experts to be efficient for both the user and the approver at the network or station. It allows us to communicate updated clearance statuses on a per-station level to the client in one unified report. Another example is KAT AI. KAT (Knowledge @ TEAM) is the industry’s first AI-powered assistant for talent and production business affairs.


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