Talent Business Affairs Expert Forms Exclusive Alliance With Ad Industry Payroll Leader To Provide Deeper Support For Advertisers & Agencies

Exclusive relationship with The TEAM Companies strengthens Checks in Motion’s position as an authority in performer, celebrity and influencer engagement.


CHAPEL HILL, N.C., July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, WMBE Certified Talent Business Affairs specialist, Checks in Motion (CIM), has established an exclusive relationship with ad & entertainment industry payroll and business affairs powerhouse, The TEAM Companies (TTC), to provide additional knowledge resources and talent & rights management technology for its growing client base.

Already a long-time partner with TTC on some CIM accounts, this exclusive relationship brings the full strength of The TEAM Companies’ North American union & non-union talent payroll capabilities along with access to TTC’s production payroll department for crew and other freelancers working for in-house agencies and production departments. As Checks in Motion grows, The TEAM Companies can offer additional back-office support when clients need help with Production Business Management, Network Clearance and Trafficking or just additional insight for complex performer-related matters.

Talent expert Checks in Motion has established an exclusive relationship with ad payroll leader The TEAM Companies.

“After 36 years of providing first-class business affairs services to hundreds of clients in the fast-moving environment of Entertainment and Advertising, my business has continued to grow. Having a partner like TEAM allowed me to expand confidently, knowing we are like-minded in the level of service we provide clients and the subject matter expertise available for challenging projects which have become the rule, not the exception,” says Pam Lipschitz, President of Checks in Motion.

“We have enjoyed working with Pam on many projects over the years. Both of our companies are on a growth trajectory. We are of like minds in our approach to working with clients. Solidifying the relationship just makes sense,” added Justin Kramer, President and CEO of The TEAM Companies.

For more information about this alliance, please contact [email protected].

About Checks in Motion

In 1985 Pam Lipschitz was a sought-after agency producer in Florida when she partnered with a long-time radio and TV announcer & Voice Over performer to establish Checks in Motion as a union signatory business affairs company. Their goal was to help companies employ SAG-AFTRA talent for their advertising. In 2004 Pam bought out her partner and expanded her business outside radio and television ads to include independent films, network promos and branched out nationally with Actors Equity payroll as well.

In 2005 she began working with TEAM to process payroll for Checks in Motion projects, which allowed her to offer more personalized, dependable and accurate client service. When it comes to offering innovative business affairs services to advertisers, production companies and agencies, Checks in Motion is a company that provides consistent and on time excellence. Producers on both coasts frequently call on Pam to consult, guide and supervise shoots from a business affairs perspective.

About The TEAM Companies

The TEAM Companies were founded in 1992 as TEAM (Tours, Entertainment, Advertising & Music), an employer of record payroll provider for the advertising & entertainment industries. Since then, TEAM has established itself as a knowledge-driven organization, expanding our subject matter expertise and offerings to fully support the business behind the conception, production and distribution of advertising and entertainment projects ranging from broadcast television commercials and fashion photography to music recording and global concert tours.

In 2009, TEAM began to evolve into a more comprehensive provider of business services, expertise and technology to our advertising and entertainment clients. This expansion has included the acquisition of several advertising business affairs companies and a move into Canada with the acquisition of Toronto-based Talent Payment Services, Canada’s premier payroll provider for performers in advertising.

In 2012, The TEAM Companies (TTC) was formed as the parent entity to these individual companies and in 2015, we consolidated our U.S. operations under The TEAM Companies moniker.

While The TEAM Companies have competitors in every sector, no other company provides as comprehensive a suite of business and technology offerings, as deep a pool of subject matter experts, or the level of customer-focused service that matches TTC’s high standards.

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