In advertising & entertainment, the term Signatory refers to a company that is signed to agreements of one or more of the unions whose members work on an advertising or entertainment production. Companies signed to union agreements are also called “Signatory Producers.”

Union members can only work on projects produced by Signatory Producers, and Signatory Producers are obligated to hire union members for covered work (performance roles and/or crew work) where the union has jurisdiction.

For hiring performers in advertising, a third party Signatory Producer may be engaged by certain types of non-signatory producers to facilitate and manage the hiring of union members for the project. The TEAM Companies’ Business Affairs division can arrange signatory support through a third-party producer for many agreements of the following unions and guilds:

  • UDA
  • AFM
  • CFM

As a signatory producer for performers, Talent Solutions and Talent Direct require TTC business affairs support to assure there is compliance with the terms of the union agreement(s), when working with union members.

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