SAG-AFTRA Updated COVID-19 Safety Protocols

SAG‐AFTRA and The Joint Policy Committee (JPC) have agreed to updated COVID-19 commercial production safety and testing protocols, in effect through December 31st, 2022. Key changes in the September 2022 Agreement include:

  • The creation of an “Escalation Trigger” dependent on the number of hospitalizations around the location of the production. In cases where the “Escalation Trigger” is met, the terms of the April 2021 Agreement (as amended in September 2021 and May 2022) on COVID-19 commercial production safety and testing protocols apply. However, the expanded testing options below are still available.
  • The expansion of testing options to include Loop Mediated Amplification (“LAMP”) tests. When a PCR rapid test is used, only one such test will be required.
  • Requiring testing two days before the start of work and on a weekly basis thereafter. Testing in connection with overnight locations and air travel depends on any applicable jurisdiction guidelines or the producer’s reasonable discretion.

    Click here for the complete Agreement.

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