Tours & Taxes

We are second to none when it comes to interpreting and managing the complex and ever-changing requirements of City, County, State, Provincial, Federal and International tax codes.

  • Many states require that taxes be assessed on any wages paid for work done by a performer or crew member in that state and our sophisticated payroll system will calculate and remit the appropriate taxes for each state in one pay period.
  • Our multi-state withholdings on one check helps simplify the management of personal finances for everyone on the tour.

Year-end Reconciliation

Personal Service, Touring and Royalty entities for musical artists, celebrities and other high net-worth individuals choose The TEAM Companies for reconciling and closing out business at year’s end because:

  • We are experts in the complex and unique nuances of entertainment industry financials
  • As a SOC-1 Compliant organization, The TEAM Companies holds privacy and security in the highest regard.
  • We issue a single check that allocates the revenue and taxes from multiple jurisdictions.

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