North American & Global

Key business managers across North America prefer The TEAM Companies for our all-inclusive fee and comprehensive service that includes:

  • Setting up and issuing payroll via live checks or direct deposit with no separate set-up or direct deposit fees
  • Handling per diem payments, advances and various voluntary and mandated deductions such as court-ordered child support and garnishments
  • Multi-State tax withholdings on one paycheck in each pay period
  • Quarterly and year-end reconciliation reports as well as W-2 preparation and distribution to crew, musicians and staff
  • No Off-Tour Maintenance or Employee Add and Delete fees
  • Ability to withhold and remit taxes in Canada


The TEAM Companies have extensive knowledge and experience related to foreign tax codes, currency exchange rates and other details of doing business from country to country.

We work with artists’ business managers and local tax representatives to manage cash flow and tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions and issue local withholding statements in conjunction with our international partners.

It’s What You Know

There are a lot of moving parts to setting up and managing a tour. While many situations are unique, we find most clients have several recurring questions. For your convenience, we have compiled a number of frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

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