Print payroll - TIMELY PAYMENT


Although there may not be union guidelines or P&H contributions governing the employment of non-union models and print production crew members, labor laws still apply. TTC stays up to date on state payment requirements and advises clients to help them stay informed and compliant from start to finish.

States like Minnesota and California have very stringent rules related to paying employees in a timely manner and significant fines for those who do not comply. While California’s “Photo Shoot Pay Easement Act” eases some of the burden on print producers by allowing them to pay their freelance models and crew on the same payment schedule as their staff, determining the correct payment timeline for freelance models and crew can be more complicated than it initially appears. Waiting time penalties remain at one day’s pay for every day delayed beyond the payroll due date up to a maximum of 30 days. These claims are aggressively pursued in California and the number of claims is on the rise.

The TEAM Companies work with our clients to process paperwork in advance of a shoot to help ensure compliance and avoid late payment penalties.

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