Minors in Advertising & Entertainment

Children bring a special quality to advertising and entertainment projects.  However, employment of minors is regulated in the U.S. by Federal and State Child Labor Laws.  In most states, a minor is anyone younger than 18 years of age.

  • Many states require minor work permits
  • Some states require minor work permits specific to working in Entertainment
  • Some states require the employer to have a permit to hire minors to work in entertainment
  • Several states, including California and New York require Minor Trust withholding (sometimes called “Coogan” deductions)
  • SAG-AFTRA also has rules governing employment of minors in union productions (and these rules vary somewhat by specific union contract)

Do Minors in Entertainment rules apply to minors working as print models?

  • Minors working as Models fall under entertainment child labor law in virtually all U.S. jurisdictions, so in general, the answer is “yes.”
  • SAG-AFTRA jurisdiction, however, does not currently extend to print work.

Which rules apply?

  • With overlapping jurisdictions, the rules for employment of minors in entertainment sometimes appear to conflict.
  • For best practices, adhering to the more restrictive rules eliminates potential violations.

When do I need a Teacher on set?

  • The rules for supervision and education on set vary by state.
  • The SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract requires a teacher on set to provide educational instruction when the minor will miss 3 or more days of school.

The TEAM Companies offer resources and information regarding employment of minors in entertainment as well as support for obtaining Employer Permits to hire minors in entertainment. We are also proud to partner with Children in Film for additional resources and information regarding employment of minors in entertainment.

It’s What You Know

Entertainment Rules are an exception to standard Child Labor Laws.  Most child labor law in the US prohibits minors under age 14 from working.  Entertainment child labor laws allow younger children to work.  Contact The TEAM Companies if you have questions about employment of minors in your production.

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