Talent Payroll

There are many details to contend with when hiring performers for advertising and entertainment projects. Is the project under union jurisdiction? If so, what agreement does it fall under? What media is being used to distribute the project? Where will it be shown?

The TEAM Companies talent payroll department helps manage the complexities of employing performers by providing guidance on key issues for budgeting and estimating and handling payment of sessions and applicable residuals for union and non-union talent in all media.

Employer of Record

As Administrative Employer of Record for all talent payroll that we process, we take care of the proper computation of wages and payroll taxes, issuing paychecks and payroll tax remittances, calculating and submitting union benefit contributions, responding to unemployment claims and issuing year-end W-2 wage statements.

It’s What You Know

Union or Non-Union?

SAG-AFTRA members hired in the U.S. must work under a union contract.  Under SAG-AFTRA’s Global Rule One, the union instructs its members to demand SAG-AFTRA contracts even if hired outside of the U.S.  An advertiser that is signatory to the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract must produce all of its commercials under union rules.  The TEAM Companies can help determine if your project falls under union jurisdiction and make sure that it is set up properly to avoid potential fines & penalties.

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