Union Crew Payroll

Film & Video

Union rules vary from craft to craft and jurisdiction to jurisdiction, which can be a challenge particularly with multiple locals and guilds on the same set. The TEAM Companies have experienced Account Managers and Supervisors who know the rules of the DGA, IATSE and Teamster agreements and will help you understand your options and avoid potential pitfalls.

Employer of Record

As Employer of Record for all crew payroll that we process, we take care of the proper computation of wages and payroll taxes, issuing paychecks and payroll tax remittances, calculating and submitting union benefit contributions, responding to unemployment claims and issuing year-end W-2 wage statements.

Union Audits

If and when there are union audits, we fully support you with back-up documentation. Whether you’re dealing with the DGA, IATSE or the Teamsters we help you understand your signatory obligations and assist with managing the audit process.

It’s What You Know


Did you know that shooting in a “Right to Work” state does not mean that signatory producers are relieved of their union contract obligations and can hire non-union personnel? To better understand signatory employer obligations when shooting in a right to work state, click below.

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