Tax Incentives

The TEAM Companies research state & local tax incentives to help you make an informed decision on which incentive may yield the greatest financial benefit for your project.

In addition, we are pleased to be working with NeeD Accounting Services to provide Tax Incentive consultation, preparation, and sales of transferrable credits at special discounted rates. NeeD has assisted clients in capturing over $4 million in incentive dollars to date from initial application through sale and can do as much or as little as you need

Download our tax incentive charts for a comprehensive comparison of states with incentives, including those available to commercial producers.

Tax Incentives Charts for your region:

U.S. Western Region

U.S. Central Region

U.S. Eastern Region

It’s What You Know

Not all states that offer production tax incentives include “commercials” or advertising content as a qualified production. In addition, not all states with production tax incentives have funded those incentives or they may have exhausted available money for the year. With tight turn-around times in production, thorough research and asking the right questions is crucial.

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