Freelance Payroll

From visual effects artists and video game designers to ad agency producers and creatives, the entertainment and advertising industries employ a significant number of people on a freelance basis, often misclassifying them as independent contractors.

The TEAM Companies work closely with ad agencies, visual effects, video-gaming, animation companies and post production facilities to help them understand the regulations so that they can determine which freelancers qualify as independent contractors and which ones meet the IRS definition of employee.

By us acting as Employer of Record for freelancers who are classified as employees, it allows clients to better manage their overhead, keep their workers’ comp costs low, and reduces the number of unemployment claims against their company.

The TEAM Companies pay your freelancers. What are the benefits?

  • Lower overhead
  • Reduced workers’ comp and unemployment liability
  • ACA reporting support – we let you know when freelancers are approaching ACA qualifying thresholds
  • Labor Law Resources – Our subject matter experts and Labor Updates provide labor law guidance as it applies to freelance workers

It’s What You Know

Worker classification continues to be a priority for the IRS. There are many federal and state tests that help determine whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor. Through the link below, you can access information compiled by our employment experts to help you navigate this increasingly scrutinized area.

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