Print Production & Rights Management

Rights Clearance and Management

Technology allows people greater access to the work you create. However, it also exposes you to more liability if you have not cleared the rights to elements that you have incorporated in that work.

The TEAM Companies specializes in clearing and managing the use rights of:

  • Celebrities, iconic personalities, and fictional characters
  • Unique images, photographs, props, and artwork
  • Structures, buildings, and landmarks

We will also review stock image indemnification agreements and offer a risk assessment based on intended use. (Learn more about Rights Management in our Business Affairs section.)

TEAM OnLine Client System (TOCS) Asset Rights Management

TOCS is a user-friendly web-based application for centralized asset management.

  • Know the status of your project with a quick view click.
  • Organize documentation of your print projects.
  • Track every element of a finished print asset.

Set up alerts for expiration and renewal dates on elements ranging from model releases to image licenses and other use agreements.

It’s What You Know

Not all rights are created equal: Even if a stock image company or other supplier of an image may have rights to the image itself, use rights for elements within the image such as a logo, piece of artwork or iconic building or landmark may still need clearance.

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