Print Payroll Management

Payroll Services Include:

  • Calculating and remitting wage payments
  • Handling applicable federal and state payroll tax withholding and remittances
  • Client access to print payroll and non-union labor resources and support
  • Responding to unemployment claims
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage and handling workers’ comp claims
  • End of year W-2 distribution

Knowledge Resource:

The TEAM Companies offers a deep pool of information resources across all sectors of the media production industry. Insights gleaned from experience in one area often inform how we help clients manage other areas of production. Our clients benefit from:

  • Access to our in-house labor experts for assistance with labor law compliance including ACA, WTPA, and Earned Sick Leave
  • Advice on what may trigger union jurisdiction and how to ensure compliance
  • Support with documents, permits, and applicable minor trust withholding when working with minors as models

It’s What You Know

Many states have established payroll due date rules. Although payroll due dates vary by state, the turn-around for non-union work tends to be short. California, the home to many print shoots, is the most stringent. Learn more about potential ramifications of late payments.

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