Print Payroll

Historically print models and many print production crew members have been hired as independent contractors, regardless of labor law requirements to the contrary.

A jump in misclassification claims and late payment penalties in recent years has many photographers and print producers turning to The TEAM Companies to help them establish payroll best practices on their photo shoots and avoid costly labor disputes and fines.

We provide support for all sectors of print:

  • Advertising
  • Fashion
  • Corporate

We simplify the process through:

  • Easy to use payroll forms designed for print production
  • Training for staff and print producers
  • Resources to stay up to date on labor laws that impact print production

It’s What You Know

Worker classification continues to be a priority for the IRS. There are many federal and state tests that help determine whether a person is an employee or an independent contractor. Through the link below, you can access information compiled by our employment experts to help you navigate this increasingly scrutinized area.

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