Canadian Talent

Our Toronto based company, Talent Payment Services (TPS) provides full payment support for Canadian advertisers and ad agencies as well as U.S. based advertisers and ad agencies looking for a comprehensive North American solution for managing their talent payroll.

TPS pays session and residuals on behalf of clients and, on request, handles:

  • Talent release letters
  • Upgrade and downgrade notifications
  • Residual cycle expiration reports
  • Dormancy dates
  • Holding fee expiration notices

Talent Experts

Talent Payment Services are subject matter experts on Canadian Unions (ACTRA, UDA, CFM). Our in house experts provide talent advice on union rules, rates and regulations, represent client issues to the appropriate union and deliver efficient, cost-effective method for talent payment in commercial production in Canada.

TPS is equally efficient in handling the payment for performers and talent agents on non-union projects.


TPS has developed proprietary on demand budgeting and estimating software allowing you to cost out multiple scenarios for commercial session and residuals allowing you to make informed decisions for production and media plans

Union Benefits Contributions & Tax Reporting

Talent Payment Services makes union benefits contributions on behalf of the union performers in your production for ACTRA, CFM and UDA. They issue year-end government reporting for all required performer tax forms.

It’s What You Know

Taking performers across the Canadian and U.S border can present number of unique challenges including union, immigration and tax issues that can hinder bringing a performer into the foreign jurisdiction. Whether you are bringing the U.S. residents to Canada or taking a Canadian to shoot on location in the U.S. – TPS can advise you how to best navigate through this jurisdictional maze. Click the button below for a list of top things to consider before traveling talent across the border.

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