Clearance & AI

The development of internal tools allows our subject matter experts to track down answers to client questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

TTC Clear

TTC Clear is a modern solution for managing the clearance of commercials. Designed by our industry experts to be efficient for both the user and the approver at the network or station, this intuitive system allows our Network Clearance specialists to:

  • Submit scripts, boards and video to as many stations as needed for clearance.
  • Monitor each station’s response and act accordingly, such as submitting additional files for substantiation.
  • Communicate updated clearance statuses on a per-station level to the client in one unified report.

Centralized Information

Rather than having clearance records scattered across multiple emails and documents, TTC Clear provides full access to all projects and clearance statuses in one platform.

Customizable Responses

Notes fields allow the user to easily customize submissions and responses at every step of the process.


KAT (Knowledge @ TEAM) is the industry’s first AI-powered assistant for talent and production business affairs. The TEAM Companies worked with Equals 3, a technology firm specializing in AI applications, to develop KAT. TTC’s deep industry insight comes along with a high volume of legal documents and data. We wanted a tool to help our staff track down answers to client questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By searching key documents uploaded into the system and fielding questions from our subject matter experts, KAT is becoming “smarter” at understanding common business affairs queries. KAT will become a key assistant to our experts, who must interpret thousands of details surrounding union agreements and labor laws, and another training resource for current staff and new hires within TTC.

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