JPC Updates – Unwired Network Added & Revised SAG-AFTRA Drivers Policy


The Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Relations (the JPC) has issued two notifications in the month of March.  The first, issued on March 7, advises that ICON International has been added to Tier One of the Unwired Network Waiver, and the second, issued on March 10, is an alert regarding revised criteria for Vehicle and Stunt Drivers in Advertising.

ITN Waiver

On March 7, 2016, the JPC notified the industry that SAG-AFTRA had extended its Unwired Network Waiver (sometimes called the “ITN Waiver”) to a new company. Use on ICON International can now be paid under Tier One of the waiver. Click here for a copy of the original 2006 Unwired Networks Waiver.

At this time, the following companies are covered by the waiver:

  • Tier One (+50%) – ITN, RevShare, Active International, ICON International
  • Tier Two (+100%) – Group M

 Vehicle Drivers
On March 10, 2016 the JPC sent out an alert that the SAG-AFTRA policy paper on Vehicle vs. Stunt drivers has been revised.  The updated policy paper is a reminder to the industry that the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract only recognizes two categories of drivers: (1) Stunt Drivers, and (2) Vehicle Drivers, and residuals are owed to drivers when the Stunt Driving Guidelines are met and the driving remains in the commercial as exhibited.  Click here for a copy of the SAG-AFTRA Policy Paper on Vehicle vs. Stunt Drivers.

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