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Our Traffic experts bring order and efficiency to the complex logistics of getting your advertising to the appropriate broadcast, cable, radio and print media outlets on time with clear instructions. We bridge the gap between creative and media agencies and manage the needs of an increasing number of players involved in getting advertising content distributed to multiple media.

Attention To Detail

Media plans and buys have become more expensive and strategic in an effort to connect with niche groups of consumers across multiple platforms. To ensure accurate delivery of your ads, The TEAM Companies provide detailed instructions that include:

  • Flight Dates
  • Commercial Rotation
  • Billboards
  • Piggy Backing

Reduced Distribution Costs

Our long-standing and trusted relationships with key distribution facilities and finishing houses allow us to utilize the latest technology in the industry while obtaining low cost options based on your media buy. We will also:

  • Identify discrepancies
  • Evaluate distribution timing for the most cost effective strategy
  • Dispute billing errors
  • Help manage the tracking of your spot through our distribution partner

It’s What You Know

The term Traffic in advertising refers to two different functions depending at which end of the process you are referring. On the advertisement creation end it refers to the process of sending ads and corresponding scheduling instructions to various media outlets based on the advertiser’s media buy. On the media outlet end, the term refers to setting up ads in an ad server based on a media plan so that when a request is made to the server, the correct ad will be returned and played based on the information in the ad identifier.

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