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Talent Business Affairs

The TEAM Companies provide comprehensive support for managing the hiring and use of union or non-union talent in your commercial or other advertising projects. Many factors impact the cost of using an actor, singer, puppeteer, voice over talent or other performer in your project, such as:

  • Content of the script determining which union contract the project falls under
  • Which roles and actions can be cast as extras vs. as principal performers?
  • Whether there are extraordinary requirements being asked of the performer, such as cutting or shaving of hair, performing a physically challenging action or working in a potential risky environment
  • Through what media the project will be distributed and shown?

The TEAM Companies Talent Business Affairs experts will work with you every step of the way to help you make the most informed decisions to avoid unforeseen costs, fines, or other claims. Our services include:

  • Talent agreement and release review and insight
  • Talent contract prep
  • Script and storyboard reviews for cast category evaluation
  • Session and Residual/Use estimating for talent
  • Assist with casting specs
  • Cast Clearance
  • Taft Hartley Report preparation & submission
  • PSA waiver preparation & submission
  • In depth interpretation of SAG-AFTRA, AFM-CFM, ACTRA  & UDA agreements and guidelines


The TEAM Companies can help arrange for third party signatory services for non-signatory producers who wish to work with union actors, voice over artists, extras, stunt performers, singers, musicians, and writers on their project.

It’s What You Know

What is a “Transfer of Rights?”

In advertising this term is most often associated with moving the financial responsibility of potential ongoing talent payments under the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract from one business entity to another.  This can be the original signatory agency transferring to a new agency, or transfers from an agency back to the advertiser itself.  If a “3rd party signatory” (a party other than the advertiser, agency or production company) lends their signatory status to a project, they then require that someone else (usually the party in control of the when, where and for how long the advertising asset is distributed in the media) assume the rights and responsibilities of paying the talent beyond the session work (i.e. for residuals).

Agreeing to have the rights transferred to you does not make you signatory to any union contract. It simply holds you responsible for paying for the residuals.

Under other SAG-AFTRA contracts, this same function is served by what is known as an Assumption Agreement.

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