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In advertising & entertainment, the term Signatory usually refers to a company that is signed to agreements of one or more of the unions whose members work on the production of advertising and entertainment content.  Companies signed to union agreements are also called “Signatory Producers.”

Union members can only work on projects being produced by Signatory Producers and Signatory Producers are obligated to hire union members for covered work (performance roles and/or crew work) where the union has jurisdiction.

Third party Signatory Producers may be engaged by non-signatory companies to facilitate the hiring of union members on their behalf under some of the union agreements. The TEAM Companies’ Business Affairs division can arrange signatory access through a third party for many agreements of the following unions and guilds:

  • UDA
  • AFM
  • CFM

Most third party Signatories require professional business affairs support to assure compliance with the terms of the union agreement(s) when hiring and working with union members and any applicable residuals obligations.

It’s What You Know

Signatory is a long-term, but limited relationship.

Once you are signed to a union agreement you are bound by that agreement and all subsequent versions moving forward. Your Signatory obligations do not end once the date on the union contract you signed expires.

A Signatory Producer is only obligated to the terms of the specific agreement(s) to which they are signed.

  • Signing one agreement (e.g., the Commercials Contract) of a particular union does not obligate a producer to the terms of the other contracts of that same union.
  • Likewise, being signatory to one union contract does not “spill over” to other unions. For example, you can have union talent on your project, but a non-union crew.

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