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Rights Management

Technology has made it easy for anyone to create and distribute content. It has also made it easy to share and “borrow” others’ creative work.

We exist in a culture where duplicating or repurposing content is common, but that doesn’t mean it is always done legally. When the “It’s free. I found it on the internet” mentality spills into a professional environment, the ramifications of copyright infringement and the unauthorized use of intellectual property or a person’s likeness can be costly.

The TEAM Companies provide thorough ownership research, negotiation for licensing and permissions and license agreement review for use of the following:

  • Photography
  • Video/Film clips
  • Stock Footage
  • Specialty props & wardrobe
  • Artwork
  • Logos/Icons/mascots and other corporate identifiers
  • Personal likeness
  • Quotes
  • Locations
  • Unique Design Elements (i.e. lighting design on the Eifel Tower)

Rights Management Technology

The TEAM On-Line Client System (TOCS) is designed to help you manage all aspects of the business affairs function including talent payments and rights management, through six modules accessible anytime from anywhere with internet access.

Abilities of the TOCS Rights Management Module include:

  • Tracking all licensed elements in a project
  • Entering essential meta-data information related to conditions of use of that element
  • Uploading reference versions of the asset
  • Uploading copies of key documents
  • Generating custom reports

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It’s What You Know

When acquiring the rights to use an component in your production, the devil is always in the details. There are 7 items people frequently overlook when getting clearance.

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