Business Affairs

Network Clearance

The TEAM Companies know the requirements of each network’s Standards & Practices Department and understand the nuances that can impact whether your ad is cleared by a particular network or cable channel.

Script/Storyboard Review

We analyze scripts and storyboards prior to submission to networks and highlight elements that might impede your project’s chances of being shown. Those elements include:

  • Unsubstantiated claims about your product or service
  • Statements that do not adhere to FCC regulations
  • Phrases or words that might be deemed offensive by the network or cable channel
  • Images, symbols or actions that might be deemed offensive, inciting or inappropriate by the network or cable channel

The TEAM Companies will provide alternatives to questionable content that aligns with your creative prior to submission to help expedite the review process.

Script/Storyboard Submission

How a script or storyboard is presented to a network or cable channel is crucial to how the content is interpreted. To minimize changes, The TEAM Companies clearly communicates the context of your concept and addresses concerns to greatly reduce the likelihood of rejection.

Master Submission

Standards and Practices departments require approval of the final version of an ad to assure it corresponds with the approved script. We make sure Master submissions are made in a timely manner and track the status of final approvals and obtain confirmations.

It’s What You Know

Claim Substantiation — Pharmaceutical ads require copies of all the studies that have been conducted on the product in order to substantiate claims. There are also restrictions on having Physicians or actors portraying them in supplement ads.

Some other types of advertising may need additional clearance at the Government level (For Example: The FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), or the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before being accepted at the Networks and the Networks’ standards and practices department may require documents as substantiation from one or more other agency.

Knowing what types of substantiation you are going to require – and providing these all together with your pre-clearance spot/script – can greatly reduce the time necessary to receive approval.

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