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Celebrity and Influencer Engagement

For clients venturing into the complex process of engaging a celebrity to drive their ad or entire campaign, The TEAM Companies will marshal top experts to guide the process from ideation through to the contractual details, managing the payment schedule and assuring applicable union benefits contributions are made.



A thorough review and understanding of the creative goals and scope of the project lays the groundwork for a successful collaboration.

  • Product and scope of campaign
  • Target audience
  • Image and messaging
  • Special requirements

Research & Recommendations

Celebrity engagement experts will bring decades of experience, a well-connected network, and sophisticated analytical tools to the table and provide availabilities, fee structure information and other insight related to the celebrities on your wish list Research is based on up to the minute data and use of tools such as

  • E-poll research/E-Scores
  • Q scores
  • Nielsen ratings
  • Social media influence
  • Box Office/Tour Sales
  • Downloads/album sales

Marketing metrics, database and lifestyle profile inform the selection process and suggested fee structure.

Negotiations & Contracting

At this important phase in the process, celebrity engagement and negotiations experts will:

  • Lead and manage all celebrity talent negotiations
  • Draft and review all contracts with in-house legal counsel
  • Explore and optimize value added opportunities

Execution, Management & Payment

Once a celebrity is secured for an ad or campaign, experts continue to work with you to help manage the project throughout its lifecycle by:

  • Acting as lead day-to-day project managers
  • Ensuring all contractual obligations are met
  • Providing key touch point reporting
  • Issuing scheduled celebrity payments on behalf of the advertiser
  • Making sure all applicable union contributions are made

It’s What You Know

In multiservice celebrity agreements where the celebrity is working on union-covered work and work not covered by the union, the default Pension & Health allocation is applicable to 50% of the full contracted compensation amount. However, there are several situations where the union P&H allocation can be applied to just 40% of the full contracted payment. Those situations include:

  • If the performer’s primary income in the entertainment industry is as a model
  • If the spot is used exclusively outside the U.S.
  • If the performer actively developed the product and their name is on it
  • If any part of the compensation is comprised of royalties or stock

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