The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) requires all individuals living in the U.S. to have health insurance starting January 1, 2014. The individual mandate and its related penalties are in effect through 2018; this will not be in effect for 2019. Employer mandates* continue in 2019.

  • Health insurance may be available through your employer or may be purchased individually.
  • There are both public and private options for purchasing health care coverage individually.
  • Links to the federal and state public health insurance marketplace exchanges are below.  These links are provided for your convenience, and are not a recommendation of how to get coverage or what the best option would be for any individual.  Each individual must evaluate the options and make the choices that are most suitable to their circumstances.

For states that have not set up health care exchanges, the links go to the federal exchange site at, which contains general information about the ACA as well as coverage options and eligibility requirements.

TEAM disclaims responsibility for any of the information that is provided through these links.

*For more information on employer mandates, click here.

Health Insurance Marketplace Information by State

Please note that not all states offer an Exchange.  Health coverage is available through the Federal Exchange at for states that do not offer an exchange.

  • Under the ACA, tax penalties will apply to individuals who do not have health coverage in place in accordance with the ACA deadline.
  • Depending on income levels and other factors, subsidies may be available to some individuals to offset the cost of coverage.  Check the applicable federal or state marketplace/exchange to determine your eligibility, or you can ask your tax advisor or health care provider.

Select your state below to see if it offers an Exchange.

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