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The TEAM Companies’ comprehensive payroll, business affairs and technology solutions offer behind-the-scenes support for the advertising, music and entertainment communities.

Who We Are

The TEAM Companies were founded in 1992 as TEAM (Tours, Entertainment, Advertising & Music), an employer of record payroll provider for the advertising & entertainment industries. Since then we have established ourselves as a knowledge-driven organization, expanding our subject matter expertise and offerings to fully support the business behind the conception, production and distribution of advertising and entertainment projects ranging from broadcast television commercials and fashion photography to music recording and global concert tours.

In 2009, we began evolving our company to be a more comprehensive provider of business services, expertise and technology to our advertising and entertainment clients. This expansion has included the acquisition of several business affairs companies and our move into Canada with the acquisition of Toronto-based Talent Payment Services, Canada’s premier payroll provider for performers in advertising.

In 2012 The TEAM Companies was formed as the parent company to these individual entities and in 2015 we consolidated our U.S. operations under The TEAM Companies moniker.

While we have competitors in every sector, no other company provides a suite of offerings as comprehensive as ours, a pool of subject matter experts as deep as ours, or the level of customer-focused service that matches our high standards.

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Business Affairs


Payroll Services

where the left brain pays the right brain

The union agreements, labor laws and employment tax codes that govern paying actors, models, directors, singers, writers, musicians, recording artists, crew and others working in advertising, music, concert tours, and other entertainment ventures are numerous and complex.

Talent Payroll

There are many details to contend with when hiring performers in advertising and entertainment. Is the project under union jurisdiction? If so, what agreement does it fall under? On what media will the project be viewed? Where, geographically, will it be shown? TTC helps clients navigate the complex process of hiring and paying union and non-union performers.

Print Payroll

Historically models and many crew members working on print projects have been hired as independent contractors, regardless of labor law requirements. The TEAM Companies can help print producers establish hiring best practices and avoid costly labor disputes and fines.

Production Payroll

Whether you’re producing TV commercials, web content or video games, properly paying freelance crew, visual effects artists, animators and graphic designers can be complicated. The TEAM Companies lend insight and expertise to ensure everyone working on your production is paid correctly and on-time.

Music Payroll

For over 25 years, record labels, film & television studios and recording studios have relied on The TEAM Companies to manage the payroll of singers, musicians, composers and music preparation personnel. We handle the details on everything from popular song recordings to advertising jingles.

Concert Tours and Live Events Payroll

From A-list performers playing sold-out venues to up-and-coming bands on their first concert tour, for more than 25 years artists and their managers have trusted The TEAM Companies to manage the payroll for musicians, singers, crew and staff working on national and global concert tours.


we cross the “t’s” and dot the “i’s” in the production of creative content

The most brilliant idea can stall in its tracks if the behind-the-scenes business support is insufficient. Every creative asset, whether it is a commercial, a web series, or a live event has components that require:

Talent Business Affairs

From reviewing talent agreements to session and residual/use estimating, The TEAM Companies provide comprehensive support for managing the hiring and use of union or non-union talent in your commercials or other advertising projects.

Production Business Management ​

TTC provides advice and direction to producers, production managers, account teams and finance managers on production matters throughout the content creation lifecycle, from working with producers on legal clearances to reconciling final billing to the client.

Traffic And Network Clearance​

The TEAM Companies understand the nuances that can impact whether your ad is cleared by a specific network or cable channel, while our traffic experts bring order and efficiency to the complex logistics of getting your advertising to the appropriate outlets.


Tools for streamlining the advertising and live event lifecycles

Talent & Rights Management

Accessible anytime from anywhere with internet access, TTC’s Talent & Rights Management platform is an online workflow solution that helps our clients manage all aspects of the business affairs function including rights management and estimating talent payments.

TTC Online

TTC Online is a web-based employee onboarding and time card system specifically designed for commercials, short-form projects and live events. Workers can fill out onboarding documents and enter work time from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Clearance & AI

Internal tools ensure that our experts respond to client questions as efficiently as possible. These tools include TTC Clear, the modern solution for managing the clearance of commercials, and KAT AI, the industry’s first AI-powered assistant for talent & production business affairs.


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